Timeless Croc Technique

For Beginners

Imagine the authentic texture of Crocodile skin, with its rough beauty on the fronts of your cabinets, furniture, art, or covering the walls in your home. I have even installed my Croc technique, organically to ceilings. This online course will teach you how to install the Croc texture seamlessly using plaster and paint. I'll walk you through step by step, demonstrating the installation process, how to distress the croc texture, and applying topcoats to your finish for durability.

Distressed Croc



Intro To Croc Class...The Basics

My introductory Crocodile class is for everyone. Using the Croc texture on your DIY projects is a fun way to bring a surface to life. It's so easy and simple to apply, and this video will show you how in less than 10 minutes. In this specific course, you'll learn how to apply this textured technique to small accent niches, accessories, furniture, and cabinetry doors. I'll also show you how to distress and age the Croc texture for a more authentic look and feel. Don't worry, if your taste is more modern, I will show you how to achieve that look as well. You'll learn the basic installation process for a solid croc skin finish, so get ready to learn.  

Distressed Croc
Aged Croc
Patent Leather Croc

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