Become A Diamond Glass Expert

The Diamond Glass finish is a top selling technique in my portfolio!!! Diamond Glass is a high-end technique made of tiny clear crushed glass pieces, mixed with shining crystals, that is applied to a surface with a heavy bodied adhesive. Over the past several years, I have worked diligently with this product and created a step-by-step process, which has allowed me to successfully increase my bottom line and grow my customer base. The addition of Diamond Glass to your list of services, will upgrade your portfolio and increase revenue.

Business Edition Course Details

I will start this course off with a few of the basic things you need to know to become a successful Diamond Glass installer. There is even more to learn when installing the perfect Diamond Glass Wall. You will also learn all the details behind a Diamond Glass project, remember it’s just as important to learn the basic business processes behind a decorative painting business. 

Your course lectures will cover:

How to crew up for a job

 More importantly, how to train your crew and delegate who is going to do what. How much to pay your crew? You can’t do it alone!!!


 Room Prep

 This phase of the process is vital to a successful and seamless installation.


Consultations, Pricing and How to Charge

Your time is worth money, so you should know how to charge for it.


How much material to order per project

Diamond Glass is a high-end technique and knowing your material costs is crucial to your bottom line.

How to achieve FLAWLESS and SEAMLESS Diamond Glass Walls

Achieving the perfect Diamond Glass wall takes practice. You will learn all the Do’s and Don’ts of the installation process.

How to custom tint Diamond Glass and Crystals

The custom color selections are endless.


How to Repurpose Diamond Glass

Learn Money Saving Tips


How to create Metallic Diamond Glass

Take your Diamond Glass one step further.


How to install high work

Gain the confidence to accept projects over 8ft.

Diamond Glass Portfolio

Learn how to create a professional portfolio.

Glueless Sample Making

Learn to make quick and easy samples


Commercial Grade Diamond Glass

How to make glass Safe and "Touch-Friendly"

Red Diamond Glass

Gold Diamond Glass

Champagne Diamond Glass

Advanced Diamond Glass Class

Available March 1, 2021

Purple Diamond Glass

Yellow Diamond Glass

Pink Diamond Glass