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Kirk & Rasheeda Frost

I’m super excited to announce another decorative painting workshop hosted by my Paint Partner, Love & Hip Hop Star, Rasheeda Frost. On 3/20/2021, she hosted my LIVE Silver Glass Bead Zoom class from her new Pressed location in Atlanta, GA. This is a great opportunity for you to WATCH AND LEARN how I install my Glass Bead technique at Pressed ATL, large scale, on a wall. This class was a LIVE demonstration of my Glass Bead Installation from beginning to end and all the Do’s and Don’ts of working with this product. 

 It was a great class, packed with decorative painting, a live install, business information and sample making. So, if you are an Artist, Painter, Designer or just want to learn how to create this amazing wall technique, then this is the Workshop for you!!! 

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Increase Your Income

If you ever wanted to start a Decorative Painting business but did not know where to begin, then join us for this amazing opportunity. During this Glass Bead installation, you will get to see behind the scenes, how the magic happens. Understanding the creativity and passion behind this business is the first step in becoming your own boss. Increasing your income while creating beautiful spaces will eventually turn your passion into a paycheck… trust me, I know. 

In this Live Look and Learn class you will:

Watch a live installation of my Silver Crystal Glass Bead technique at the new Pressed Atlanta location. This is the perfect opportunity to learn how to create a beautiful accent wall for your home or business.

You will have access to this training video for 2 months, so that you can review the content before your first project.

You will receive step by step instructions that you can print and retain for future reference, incase you ever need to look back at your notes or instructions.

You will receive all the color formulas for my glass bead technique.

Ordering information for products, tools and supplies will be provided after class.

You will learn how to price this technique in a residential/commercial space.

Discuss Sample Boards 

Silver Glass Beads

Champagne Glass Beads

Pewter Glass Beads